Wisdom, Complexity, and Autodiabolic Manifestation.

Most seem to associate wisdom with complexity. This seems to be true to the point that most will add countless extraneous layers onto any given viewpoint, cluttering the mind to the point of incoherence. This is the path of the religious, the occultnic, the mystic. To these sorts wisdom MUST be incomprehensible to be valid. ADM serves as an inversion of this principle, an effort in cutting the fat, shucking the layers until only the applicable bits remain. In this, it is a sort of philosophical minimalism — Better to lose a grain of potential truth than to welcome an ocean of lies with open arms.

This of course leads some to dredge up the label of ‘closed minded’, which has become a pejorative synonym for having the balls to examine something, and reject it as bullshit. Bullshit abounds;Every needle of knowledge rests dead center in a haystack of lies, yet it is currently quite unpopular to dismiss anything as the latter. This boils down to the overwhelming abundance of false entitlement and self importance that dominates our society, and worse, the ingrained impetus that all are equal, and that truth is subjective. Truth is not subjective. Or rather, there is no Truth, only things that are true within context.

No amount of belief will make you defy gravity or grow twenty feet tall. The world, as it turns out, operates according to parameters that are separate from our perception of them. To be ‘open minded’ is not to accept every idea, or weigh it anew each time it is brought to light, but rather it is to give due time and scrutiny to ideas fairly, to see if they are in fact congruent with reality, and in turn move on to the next thing.

If one is stuck at assessing truth value, unable or afraid to affirm or deny anything, one is philosophically ‘stuck’ and will not grow. This is something that is fostered by those that would rather we do not think for ourselves, a far reaching and iron clad chain to hold us in place. Philosophical egalitarianism. One more chain to be snapped by the incarnation of the devil that some dare to become.

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