The upward spiral.

Ok folks, I am going to lay it out, the bottom line. Why do I couch my ideas in the packaging I have dubbed ‘autodiabolic method’? Why have I aligned myself with the sinister side? Why do I bother? The answer is simply that I find it worthwhile, because it is a reflection of how I see the world. A reflection of how I view the nature of true authority, true justice, true honor. A reflection of how I see these things perverted, twisted, and flipped on their laurels in a complete 180 degree nosedive.

Nazarenes and their religious tradition are but a symptom, a tool of insidious memetics that has helped instill a matrix, a self maintaining psychological, emotional and intellectual apparatus that transcends any one influence. This magian omni-memeplex has made itself, and lives in us all. It is not some oppressive government to be toppled, nor is it a religion to be upheaved. This is no more than skimming the surface of the pond. The scum that forms on top will continue to reform just so long as the dynamic of the pond itself remains constant. The magian is US. What
separates the mundane from the sinister is simply a matter of how we deal with that.

Some of course become the ‘white knights’, those that aggressively enforce the idea that the whip is to be feared, that the system nurtured. Those that yell from the rooftops to stay the course, mocking with forced laughter those that do not fall in line. The white knight is the very picture of Stockholm syndrome.Some cry to the heavens and believe that by virtue of doing so have freed themselves, yet carry proudly the mundane ‘morality’ and ‘ values’ that create the very spine of the beast they purport to oppose. Others sit, as the the vast majority, apathetic,
drudging through their day to day, consuming what they are told, working how and when they are told, voting when they are told, without giving it a second thought. It are these sort that are the most despicable of all.

Traditionally, based in this backwards mess, this social mutation, this cancer, society, truth, and all else of meaning flows from the top, and down. When we consider mundane justice, we see a system where an impersonal entity dictates impersonally, through regulation, something that exists organically and thus can not be regulated, or even understood out of context. Does the ‘judge’ in some courtroom somewhere understand the rage of a father who’s daughter has been raped and killed? Can any impersonal, detached and second hand view such a one might formulate matter? Are one size fits all punishments for what someone else, outside of the flow of events, decides are crimes, based on arbitrary legislation build by those even further from any given organic situation even remotely related to any semblance of actual justice? Where is any semblance of personal honour in this?

Another example would be that of authority itself. Primary to our system is the idea that there is always a ‘greater authority’ and further a ‘greater good’ from which it stems. This not only removes autonomy but facilitates abjugation of responsibility. After all, there will always be someone to take care of our problems if there is someone greater than ourselves we can turn to. True authority, like true justice, flows outward. People, naturally, by virtue of what they are and what they do find their place in the pecking order of those that surround them. Organic hierarchies within tribal structures in which each naturally settles into an equilibrium, with no
need for some government or religion to arbitrarily interfere with and disrupt this process.

The magian memeplex can be properly understood as a downward spiral. The reason is actually twofold. Firstly, the top down flow of these things such as authority and justice, of truth and honour are at their most potent at the top of the spiral, losing both meaning and relevance until what is left for the actual end use, at the bottom of this model,is watered down, meaningless crap. An arbitrary impersonal thing that resembles that which it is trying to impersonate only in the most superficial of ways. The second meaning of this metaphor is a representation of the
actual fruit of this cancerous beast, as evolution grinds to a halt, individuals are minimized and society itself serves as little more as a vehicle of profit for those that sit atop it. A slow system of death for both the aural culture based on our natural instinct and inevitably, the race itself. A downward spiral into oblivion. The model can’t be sustained.

The reason I write, and what I represent..what is represented by my associates, and some would say the purpose of the sinister dialectic itself is to further the influence of the upward spiral. The individual at the bottom is prime, followed by his family, tribe, followed by those given providence by them, for specific organic reasons. We choose for ourselves whom we give providence, and when, and all one need do is look at the fruits of any indigenous society, ‘criminal’ gang, or even organically formed social circle to see this is natural and effective in forming an equilibrium. The idea that such an equilibrium must be enforced is bullshit.

These upward spirals already exist, in their niches, and in fact permeate society, yet always the downward flow works to keep these in check with abstractions and memetics that keep their model ‘legitimate’ and in firm possession of the rhetorical high ground, and such is the power of the magian over the mundane. Yet, it is artificial, plastic, worthless and regressive.

ADM and the sinister dialectic itself serve as tools, vehicles, to build the sort of sinister character and individual impetus to reverse the model, if even only within our own worldview. To do so is to begin the spiral upwards, and with enough rewired cells maybe, aeonically,influence the downward spiral of the nomos itself into a more natural direction that would rescue ideas such as honor, justice, and responsibility from obscurity and restore them to the forefront.

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