The stuff of the devil

Satan is just a symbol for doing what you want. For manifesting your own will, living your life as you see fit. To be a Satanist is to reject the causal form of one god religion,no more, no less. If this describes you, you will probably have no reason to read any further. You , like many others before you, have relegated the devil to busy work, meaninglessness.

Like it or not, the above describes EVERYBODY. Regardless of philosophy, religion, outlook or creed, everyone believes themselves to be acting of their own will, acting according to the most logical plan of action. Muslim, christian, jew, hindu, Satanist. Whats the difference? The essence of the devil has always been the same.

The rules of man, the list of supposed to’s, those things that make one a ‘good’ person, a ‘moral’ person, the status quo, the ‘rules’..these things have always been metaphorically buttressed by and represented by the deity figure. Satan has always been a representation of transgression of those rules, going beyond, those things that challenge or even destroy the borders we are expected to respect. The representation of what has been vilified by those that would rather each of us remain in slavery. A sort of slavery that is all but invisible to the sleeper, the mundane mind so programmed by layer upon layer of causal abstraction that these things BECOME the world, BECOME reality. This is as true of the Satanist, as he is commonly apprehended, as it is of any other.

For some, this is but a hollow and worthless distraction.

The appeal , however, seems quite clear. The magian provides a prison, in which we are cogs, spinning in place serving the interests of others, serving and supporting the status quo while maintaining an illusion of freedom. Most so called ‘satanists’ simply build an illusion of being the big dogs within the system, flaunting and touting their apparent superiority with words while living and acting just as they have been taught. A prison within a prison, a fantasy unrealized. Like a steam vent, this too is part of the system, these sorts are as much a slave as
anyone else, perhaps even more so as they carry one extra layer of bullshit upon their weltanschauung. A pablum for the disgruntled infant.

Satan is a thoughtform, a metaphorical representation of challenging, going beyond,presencing the Dark. Satanism is simply manifesting this into the real world, though activity, doing, deeds. Satanism isn’t a philosophy, or a religion. It isn’t a way of coping with the shit we trudge through, nor a way of ignoring it. Satanism is praxis. Direct and forthright opposition with awareness.

This is who and what ‘Satan’ is, and I am his motherfucking messenger

One response to “The stuff of the devil

  1. “Most so called ‘satanists’ simply build an illusion of being the big dogs within the system, flaunting and touting their apparent superiority with words while living and acting just as they have been taught.”

    I’ve always been dubious of this kind of generalization made about most Satanists. Obviously none of the authors making such postulations have met the majority of Satan’s followers.

    While I would not be surprised if the postulation you made is true, you have not informed the reader how you came to this conclusion. How much time have you spent actively interacting with other members of the Satanic community? How many have you met in person? How many separate denominations of Satanism have you studied in depth? How many leading members of the Satanic community can you insightfully describe the character of?

    (I hope that I do not sound like I am upset with you, that I dislike you, or that I hold your philosophy in poor regard. None of these things are the case, and I don’t want to come across like an asshole because an internet comment didn’t accurately convey my tone. I’m not trying to be a dick)

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