The Essence

The LHP is inherently centred on gnosis through experience. This leads , by definition, to a non religious worldview as the axioms of religion can only be ‘known’ through teaching. We all take in elements of both paths, however. nobody learns everything though experience, but it is the prioritizing of these two types of knowledge that separates the LHP man from the RHP man. The LHP man realizes that all knowledge not experienced is suspect ‘a priori’. Hence in truly a LHP oriented paradigm ‘deity’ can only ever be as experienced, as an internal phenomenon.

Taking that experience and projecting it outward is invoking a call to external verification, that is, to take the word of others at face value. All calls to faith are traitorous to any LHP paradigm, whether these be calls to deity or calls to unexamined or non examinable (non falsifiable) ‘truths’, that can only ever be ‘true’ to the RHP man, the believer, the follower of others.

The problem is that doing philosophical WORK in the way demanded by the LHP is hard, and most simply aren’t willing or able to construct their own castle. Some follow along with others in the manner defined by the right hand path, seeking out gurus and teachers to show them the way. Others construct castles in the sky, rather than on the earth, that inevitably come crashing down upon close inspection. Both of these types fall short of the mark.

In the case of the former type, those that make up the bulk of pretty much all movements and ideological based groups, we have yes men, sycophants, and fanboys. Those without the ability to take in the esoteric lessons offered by the synergy of self and world;Those without either the intellectual fortitude or aptitude to make the abstract connections between ideas requisite of DOING any sort of philosophy. Those that simply agree or disagree with what they perceive to be authorities, rather than actually THINK.

In the case of the latter type, we have those that get so utterly lost in the form that they can not see the substance. People that get entranced by the idea of the devil, the LHP, or certain things some author might have said about Satanism and go on to piece together some sort of patchwork philosophy built off of that. A sort of Frankensteins monster of incoherency that inevitably misses the subtle yet important things that make Satanism and LHP distinct. These sorts tend to move on to the next thing in short order, yet seem to be in near limitless supply.

Enter the idea of unity and community. Quite appealing and natural for those that wish to wear the devils shoes without walking a mile though hell! An idea that confirms to the followers that they are indeed part of the heterodox flow, through a sort of orthodoxy. An idea that confirms the idea of authority through submission to the movement itself, under the flag of individual sovereignty. A convenient paradox to those who have attached their identity to something they can never actually realize.

Satanism is HARD, it is DEMANDING, and even worse, MOST CANT CUT IT.

Can you?

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