Satans providence.

‘Resistance is critical’

Each of our perspectives is built on a platform of memes that comprise our entire worldview, as are the ideas and actions that flow from it. As we experience many of these memes are altered,expressed though a similarly altered worldview and the actions that might flow from that. An ebb and flow of abstractions that is effectively the god of this world, as we experience it.

How free are any of us, really? Free to choose what we prefer surely but do we own our preferences? If anything can be called a fact it is that advertising works. Ideas repeated get into our head, shape us, become our own. And although everyone that prefers coca cola to the no name brand will tell you it is a matter of their own personal choice, that coke just tastes better, it can’t but be wondered if there isn’t better tasting soda on the market. So it is with all we believe, including those things thought of as foundational. What most identify as ‘themselves’ is naught but a web of externally introduced causal abstractions.

This flow of what is orthodox, what is accepted and most oft-repeated is what comprises the ‘right hand path’ for all intents and purposes. The greater good is greatest. Human life is sacred. Be monogamous. ‘Higher power’. Nuclear family. Prepackaged ‘success’. Being a ‘good’ person, and a prefabricated definition of what that means. National pride. Love democracy, spread democracy, nothing can be better. All that is accepted and embraced, and almost expected of you to believe, represented by the abstraction of the nazarene monotheism that powered the
worldviews of those that built and continue to build our societal omni-memeplex.

So then, if one is to accept that the mechanics of western society is built and rooted in the judeoabrahamic, who better that their own named adversary to represent the causal structure of active resistance, of what is antinomian and heterodox.

Satans providence is indeed to figurehead the journey of sinister experience, to move against, not just in spite of, but directly against the enshrined, to identify the limits that have been put into you, and through the fire, through practical sinister deeds, shatter them. Doing, acting, manifesting evil. Presencing the dark. For what is evil but for your own limitations? It is the nature of the human mind to defend its boundaries, and this is why some boundaries can only be eliminated by crossing them. Think of this in terms of what one thinks one ‘would’ react in any given situation versus how one actually reacts. They are often drastically different. Mindspace, however vast, can only take you so far.

The providence of Satan then, it could be said, is a move away from belief, away from hypotheticals, a process of shaping those that represent him as their transgressive paths themselves give him strength. His providence lay with those that make the choice to resist rather than rationalize. His fire is such as it burns away the abstractions that cloak our acausal essence. Satan is the spirit of identification and elimination of limitation.

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