Embrace evil!

It is a popular idea within contemporary ‘Satanic’ circles that Satanism is widely misunderstood. It is told, and retold, that the devil isn’t such a bad guy, that he has been misapprehended and really only stands for self deification, liberation, a romantic antihero that represents a sort of stagnant rebellion for the mind.

Within these circles the vanilla idea of morality is invariably upheld, whether it be a literal inversion of a christian paradigm or a sort of humanism with Satan as it’s mascot, those things regarded as wrong, or illegal, or immoral are still cast pejoratively by those that would take the devils name without playing his game. Surely by rejecting the christian paradigm true liberation is achieved? Surely the laws of god are subject to scrutiny, but not so the laws of man..and any attempt to point out that these laws are in fact one and the same is largely ignored, an elephant in the room that is not to be paid any mind!

To ascribe any true rebellion, anything that takes place in the real world rather than mindspace to the devil is naught but a slur to these, something to be sneered down at from the dark spooky soap box that many would step up on. Satanists don’t break the law. Satanists are ‘good citizens’. Satanists are the good guys, for all intents and purposes. Even when disavowing the selectively attributed ‘good guy badge’, a careful and methodical selection of what is good and what is not is always foundational.

To me, this sort of ‘safe’ and moral Satanism is nothing less than an affront, a joke, a pale shadow of the dark, antinomian and heterodox tradition the devil represents in the context of our predominant societal worldview. Satan is of the dark, but what is the dark anyway? To these armchair Satanists, comfortably couched within their magian morality, to embrace evil, or view Satan as the bogeyman that he has come to represent is somehow a misunderstanding. These sorts continually scoff as they live their mundane existences, the epitome of all that is
adversarial in their own minds while casting scorn on the devils deeds.

This sort of mindspace Satanism has become popular for one reason – it’s easy. Anyone can cast themselves as their own authority, and feel a warm fuzzy sense of superiority as they go about their day to day, indistinguishable in praxis from anyone else, completely convinced they are elite or above, that they are in fact the Übermensch. This sort of ‘Satanism’ requires a pacified, castrated vision of Satan,for this particular devil is all talk and no action, manifest as such by his
would be disciples.

It has been said that the devil is in his deeds. But what are the deeds of the devil? What is evil and what is the point of enshrining it, or pursuing it? Why step into the dark when the light is so abundant? This boils down to, of course, the nature of evil itself.

Certain deeds will invariably be held as evil. To kill, to rape, to steal, or any other number of things that people would prefer to not suffer themselves are generally cast into this role. The golden rule, that article of philosophical reciprocity that is the foundation of all white light morality stands at the center of this dichotomy, one that is upheld just as much by the contemporary ‘Satanist’ as any other. But why should it be so? To accept this dichotomy is to accept limitation, and therein lay the crux of this issue.

Satan, in its truest conceptual form, is the spirit of transcending limitation. The mythological Satan of judeo-nazarene mythology certainly did not accept the rules placed upon him, and further acted against them. The mythological Satan didn’t write endless long winded blogs about how heaven sucks while sucking off the celestial tit..nay..he took ACTION..he moved against the flow even though the odds were astronomically against him..even though defeat was certain. His path was self destructive, yet he chose it anyway. In this the devil, Satan, is the
perfect representative for heterodox, antinomian left hand path tradition in its truest form.

What is evil? The answer is simple..evil is personal limitation, first internalized and subsequently projected outwards. Evil is those things we are not allowed to do, moral abhorrencies, those things stalwartly demonized by the purveyors of nomos. Evil is what lay across the walled and guarded borders, within the abyss that most fear to even gaze into. To walk the devils walk, to do his deeds, is to scale that wall, to step off the edge and see how deep the abyss really is.

This walk is surely the hardest road up the mountain, and offers no great reward for having done it. It holds no appeal for those that prefer the walls of their prison to a cold rainy night in the elements, and offers no comfort to those that prefer a soft bed to the cold ground. To embrace evil is to strive for, and past, the limitations placed upon you both by self and world, and by so doing to place yourself outside of the box, to make yourself a pariah, a demon..and to those without the intestinal fortitude, a pretender to the throne.

For some though, with this dark insight into the devils character, it is known that his throne is of blood and bone, kept in a secret place, and what has been otherwise offered as his station is no more than a convenient mirage for those that would prefer to hover at the gates of the path than pass through them.

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