As within, so without.

Often I see definitions of LHP and RHP thrown around that are really just no more than identity
pins. This one is LHP because he follows LaVey, this one worships the devil, that one the dark
gods, the other himself as a god. All slap on the badge of LHP, one would assume to buttress
their position within their own heads, or perhaps to fit in with others that wear this pin on their
chest like some sort of membership badge. This particular kettle of bullshit has been
overflowing for quite some time.

What makes these terms useful is their applicable definition, their descriptive essence. The left
hand path is a matter of becoming ‘separate from’ while the right hand path is a matter of
becoming ‘one with’. This applies to any vector, whether it be deity, society, or some other
collective. The essence is the same.

Then of course there is the ‘how’, the walking, the logical endgame of this dichotomy as it
applies to application. To become one with is a matter of submission and acceptance, of
teaching, reading, accepting by proxy knowledge at face value or at the word of those who have
deemed themselves authority. The left of course is much harder, as breaking free of a
gravitational pull(societal/religious/social pressures) will always be much harder than going limp
and letting it have you. This is a matter of doing, a sort of going to the source for the real goods,
skipping the holders of knowledge by proxy and drinking from the pool first hand.

Much is forbidden to us, to kill, to take from others, to go when and where, how we please.
Words like ‘murder’ and ‘stealing’, ‘trespassing’, breaking the LAW(as if such a thing existed in
reality) are fed to us to ensure we view these things in a pejorative light, poison control memes
engineered to keep us plugged in. When a state annexes a territory, when soldiers kill foreign
nationals on foreign soil or even domestic transgressors of these arbitrary rules they are
regarded as hero’s. Never will you hear from the voice of the state of soldiers murdering each
other, or of land ‘stolen’, nor is it trespassing when those wielding mock ‘authority’ enter your
home. Never will you hear the term ‘kidnapping’ used to describe an arrest. As it turns out, the
only difference between agents of state, and the rest of us, when it comes to such actions is a
sense of ‘legitimacy’ we are told to offer, fueled by such propaganda and statist programming
that most do not even question it.

We are told of liberty, but only of a limited sort, of justice but only in an impersonal sense, of
tribe and family but only on such a small scale(the nuclear) that no real sense of cohesion or
resistance can ensue. We are told these things are just the way of it, and this telling, the
acceptance of this telling, is the grease that keeps the machine to which we are enslaved
operating smoothly. Were these false axioms to fall from legitimacy within the minds of the
many, so to would the beast that feeds them to us. We are free to do, just so long as we do not
cross certain lines, lines that would separate us from the rest of the cogs in the machine, and
make us useless to it.

To transgress our limits is the greatest liberty, the hidden liberty that leads to the rest, long
hidden from our view. To break free, one must do the things that have been conditioned into
our bones as ‘forbidden’ since a young age, layer upon layer of magian programming that is the
mightiest of by proxy RHP knowledge, yet to DO, to experience will always trump that which we
are told. Mental realizations to the contrary will never result in any real ground gained, as the
mind will always rationalize them back to a place of safety and stability, a place of feel good
‘resistance’ that exists purely in mindspace. Only cold hard reality can overcome this, one way
deeds that force the mind to release the hold on its chains, often at a high psychological and
emotional price, as expounded upon in my last essay.

The essence of this path, the transgression and elimination of limitation, is a personal thing.
Challenging and transgressing these borders, becoming comfortable with such actions to the
point that they become normal, day to day, is a sinister vector of the LHP that will indeed
separate you, and often times demonize you to those still plugged in, those carrying moral
standards of ‘right and wrong’, good and evil, lawful and unlawful will ever be suspicious, fearful
and wary of US, re-enforced by the whisperings of others acting in the interests of the machine.
This personal path, of becoming separate, breaking free, comes with the price of seeing the
machine for what it is, for what it does, and it is only as a secondary effect that many of us
develop a disgust for it, learn to realize that this social apparatus is a prison for the mind, and by
proxy the body. A hindrance for those like me, the enemy of those like me, that walk this path
of manifesting as the adversary to all that is rotten.

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