Autotheistic Cosmology

Looking outward for answers is a cornerstone of all RHP systems. Whether that look is to one
god, many gods, a church body, a government, a cultural subset, or whatever else one chooses
to place the mantle of authority onto(perhaps a combination of the above) is the form, not the
substance. It’s all cut of the same stuff, in all cases the self is secondary to something ‘else’.
Classifying ones self as an ‘atheist’ is no real marker that this cornerstone has been overcome
either — Just rejecting the premise of theism is not tantamount to taking the power back, so to
speak. In my experience most ‘atheists’ still project the power outwards — perhaps to a
perceived ‘greater good’, perhaps to political allegiance, maybe to family, to philosophy, or
some other imagined standard of universal right and wrong. This is why ‘atheistic’ is truly
insufficient as a descriptor for LHP methodology and direction. Certainly accepting a theistic
premise is incompatible with seizing that very mantle to wear for ones self, for reasons that
should be obvious, but just rejecting that one premise alone is no indicator of intellectual

It is in fact the realization that both our universe, subjectively, and our place in it are internally
determined by the self, whether that be to put the power on these external ideas or to place it
on ourselves that allows us to begin work on our own godhood. Once one realizes that the only
power any god or government can wield on an emotional or intellectual level is that which they
have been given, by YOU, that power can be taken back, either through adversarial
manifestation (actively challenging and chipping away at the chains that bind), or other

Effectively, the RHP and LHP are two ways of doing the same thing. In both, a power/authority
structure is created to add definition and clarity to the world around us. The difference is, one is
intellectually honest, while the other is not. One can lead to wisdom, while the other does not.
One is done with awareness, while the other is cloaked in deception.

One is a lot of work, while the other is easy. One is a great mechanism for control, while the
other is not. These last two, of course, explain why one is prevalent and one is shrouded in

Where does YOUR power lie? Do you take it into yourself, or freely give it away?

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