Abstraction by Design.

When touching the dark a certain essence is known, which allows for a resonance with others whom also know it. Certain similarities, certain shared extrapolations, of those that go beyond will bind travelers of this way together insofar as the world is perceived, insofar as vectors are established. The essence is separated from the form, and both are known for what they are.

The mind is bound to abstractions as thought is bound to language. Abstractions are never truly destroyed so much as they are replaced, we replace morality with honour, we replace magian notions of justice with personal justice, impersonal society with our own tribes, nexions, family..blood or no. The form is made to meet the essence head on, in practical ways shaped by our own pathei mathos, our own understanding built of personal gnosis.

Satanism is an abstraction. A tool, a way of communicating certain concepts and ideas to others of a certain type, an expression of something numinous, something raw and visceral. When it is said Satanists are born and not made within LaVeyan circles, it is often understood as meaning only those that conform to what has been written are described by the term, but I have always taken it to mean that certain types can SEE what LaVey was looking at, realize the essence, while others lack the character, experience or intellect to do so.

Yet just as those that have touched the dark might share ground, so too must forms differ.No two paths tread can ever be the same, as personal experience is necessarily just that;personal. When any two paths mirror identically you can be sure one is following the other, as it is when a thousand mirror the one. So fell the work of LaVey, as many before him into the pool of RHP vectors to be taught and followed rather than experienced and walked. When the form no longer represents or expresses the essence it is but an empty, hollow shell.

That this can not be taught, that it must be a praxis to be of any substance is something that has been lost to all but the very few, and is part of the reason for the AutoDiabolic Method.

ADM too is an abstraction. A causal form that exists to cannibalize and run rampant upon other causal forms. An abstraction known as an abstraction, a tool known for what it is that it may be sharpened with awareness. A form that to remain vectored as an obsidian blade must shift as I shift, allowing for replacement of abstractions as they fall, as they fail, as the fire burns them away. A defragmentation for the mind, built on a foundation of exeatic experience and neuroiconoclasm. A foundation of conflict and direct and merciless opposition to all ideas, traditions, and beliefs until only what is true, what is real, remains. A distillation of reality. To breath life
into the whitewashed husk that the devil has become, through sinister deeds, through fire. This is what it is to be autodiabolic.

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