The Temple of Broccoli

The first man looked toward the second, as the latter munched another stick of fresh grown broccoli, uncooked to accent the natural flavours, just as he liked it.

“Why are you always eating that shit?” Said the first.

“It’s really good for you, you know. I understand it’s not for everyone, that it is an acquired taste.” Replied the second.

“Hey, I get that..I LOVE broccoli too, I just wouldn’t actually eat it”

The next day at lunch time the second man was again chewing on a stick of broccoli, when two unfamiliar people nodded as they went by “fuck ya man, broccoli!!” one of them commented.

Unusual, thought the man, I’ve never met someone so enthusiastic about the taste of broccoli before, but whatever. He continued eating. A few minutes pass and another man walks by, as the last, two, commenting as he walked. “Hail Broccoli!”

This time, slightly confused, the second man raised his head from his veggie snack and said to the passer by..”Sir, what is it you like about broccoli so much? Is it the crunch? Is it the fact it is so nutritious? For me it is the time and effort that goes into growing it, watering it, weeding it, keeping it free of bugs. It is a labour of love.”

The passer by gave the man a perplexed look. “No Sir, what I love about it, what makes it so cool is its cool, creamy texture, its sweet flavour, and of course all of the tasty toppings you can get with it”

With that, the passer by passed, and the second man continued, perplexed, to munch his broccoli, that he had grown himself, harvested himself, and would eat by himself.

The next day, as the day before the second man sat down to lunch on his vegetables, he noticed a group of men pass by, each wearing shirts depicting pictures of broccoli. Wow, these guys must really love broccoli as much as I do!, thought the man. “Hey guys, hold up” said the man, putting down a piece of broccoli and pulling a fresh stick from his lunch bag. “You guys are obviously big fans of this stuff, and to me that’s a bit unusual but it’s good to see people moving away from junk food. I have grown this broccoli myself, and I would like you to try a piece” handing the men each a stalk.

“THIS IS FUCKING DISGUSTING” said the first, spitting it out
With that, the men tossed what was left of their would be nutritious snacks to the ground, and made muffled, snarky comments mixed with laughter as they made their way.

Odd, thought the man. This is some of the finest broccoli I have tasted, and those men seemed really INTO the stuff, yet they acted like they had never tasted it before.

The next day as the second man was eating his lunch of broccoli it seemed everyone that passed by was giving him the smile and nod, people wearing tee shirts and medallions depicting the familiar green bushy flower. The first man again happened by.

“Still eating that shit?” He said, sitting down at the second mans table.

“You bet”, said the second

“Well, over the last few days I have made everyone in town love broccoli the way I do”

“But you don’t even eat the stuff!” cried the second man. “How can you claim to like it, or make others like it, if you don’t care for the taste?”

“easy”, said the first man, withdrawing a tub of vanilla ice cream from his bag. “It’s easy to get people to like this stuff”

“But that is an entirely different type of food, that isn’t even broccoli”

“Sure it is, look at this nice picture of broccoli I drew on the box” The first man said, rolling his eyes. “Look, you sit here every day, eating your broccoli, and you haven’t done a THING for broccoli’s reputation. You sit here, day in and day out eating this stuff, but in all that time you have not convinced a single person how sweet and creamy it is”

“But it is neither sweet nor creamy!” Exclaimed the second.

“Says you. Meanwhile I have gotten scores of people to just love broccoli. I have done for broccoli what no amount of simply eating it for lunch could ever accomplish!” gloated the first.

“Yes but, all you have done is talked people into liking something they already liked. And why should I care what other people eat?”

“Bah, you are just a hater, you aren’t even into broccoli the way I am.”, the first said, replacing his tub of ice cream into his bag and walking away.

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