The Tower

We reach for the heavens, metaphorically speaking. It is what we do, as humans, in all facets of life.

We all build a tower as high as we can, bits of knowledge, chunks of assurance of reality, bits of emotional surety, building the tower ever higher towards whatever might be above. Tower building is a treacherous game however, as one must be careful to use stable components, components that can both bare the weight of what it supports, and weather whatever might come from without. Towers are built and towers fall, in perpetuity.

The key to a good tower is, of course, the base. The thing about the base of a tower is it will, for each of us, sit ready for each of us to build on, rather than be something we can construct ourselves. The base of the tower is our predispositions, inclinations, capabilities, and that unknown ‘it’ that constitutes a persons innate personality. Some bases are narrow and horribly misshapen, others broad and even, suitable for building high and wide. People are seldom aware of what their base looks like, but that doesn’t stop them from building. Yet, the base will always determine the potential of what sits upon it.

Some build as fast as they can, using whatever they can to reach higher. Some are not versed well in building and create rickety and unstable things, swaying to and fro at the slightest breeze. Others build more slowly, measuring each piece against the whole, leaving as few gaps as possible. These take a great deal of time to gain great heights, but will withstand both their own weight, and what comes from without ,in perpetuity.

Often those that build the rickety towers will build walls to surround them, as these walls prevent the outside forces from toppling their work, yet bring with them the unfortunate side effect of eliminating any view to the outside. These sequestered places come to rest on these walls from within once they can no longer support their own weight, but they still stand high. High enough, in fact, for most that build them. With such a high tower, what need is there for a view? They have already reached the heavens.

Yet, that view is everything. That view is the purpose of the tower, and without it it is a thing without purpose. Realizing this, those that build slowly and carefully ensure that the lower levels will always support the potential height and girth of the structure. That which comes from without is invited to do its worst, for only that way can the builder know where his structure is weak, and buttress and replace as needed to maintain the structural integrity of his creation.

Ever higher.

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