Upward Spiral II – Honour.

In the course of learning of oneself, through ones reactions to personal trials, tribulations, fire and pathei mathos, every so often a core element is found. This can manifest in a line that can’t be crossed, a principle or idea for which one would die, or kill, or a bond to one of your own that goes deeper than, and transcends, anything that can be articulated with language or reasoned with thought. This is the root of the tree that is true honour, dark or hidden honour..something understood only to those far enough to the periphery of the nomian apparatus to put it into perspective, and to those with the certain dark fire burning within them to act on their true will rather than sublimate it.

To discover these elements, from where I sit, is the ultimate goal of the LHP in general, and certainly ADM in specific. Shattering boundaries is pointless if it would leave you an undefined amorphous mess, some wishy washy ‘relativist’ that stands for nothing. This I fear is something that has been overlooked by many. This is a methodology of discovery, and sometimes that which is discovered, that which stands up to the heated fire of scrutiny, stands up to the cold reality of real world experience, over and over again does so because you have hit bedrock. A dose of personal gnosis, actual knowledge of self, has been realized.It is these nuggets of truth that are what stands between ‘honour’ and ‘morality’ in terms of definition.

Morality is bullshit. Morality is any and all adopted sets of external dictates, internalized, that constitute ‘right and wrong’, in a universal sense. Honour on the other hand is built of the fruits of pathei mathos and fire, and rather than offering an objective idea of what is right and what is wrong, instead a sense of what drives you to act, and how, in a personal sense is discovered and thus honour is discovered rather than adopted. To the outsider these ideas seem quite similar in appearance, after all both personal honour and morality provide lines in the sand, dos and don’ts, and even sometimes similar logical affirmations, the underworkings of how they function are as night and day. One is hollow, the other solid.

Our society trains us to marginalize personal honour in favour of impersonal groupthink. We are told of rights and wrongs, impersonal boundaries in which we are to function, predefined ways which we are to deal with things based upon this moral apparatus. We are taught to seek our own justice is wrong, and even that we are not qualified to define justice for ourselves, and instead to defer it to something impersonal requiring the marginalization of our own honour based on our own path traveled, for what is true justice if not an extension of honour itself?

Those that enact their own justice are branded vigilantes, outlaws, for this is a safeguard of the apparatus to ensure total control. Those that react in a way demanded by this accumulated honour based on their personal core elements are labeled as extremists, psychos, crazies, or at the very least over reactors. Sometimes, to those that do not share in this sense of personal honour, reactions might seem extreme or overplayed, but that too is an element of the nomian apparatus. To keep us as slaves requires actions that fall outside of what is accepted be demonized, and to enact ones own justice, being innately an act of personal rather than collective autonomy will always fall outside of that line.

My sense of personal honour drives me to be fiercely protective and loyal to my own. My dark honour requires me to act when required, sometimes violently, shockingly, to those that do not share in the sorts of experiences that have driven me to this core bedrock from which there is no backing down, no retreat. My honour is built of the things I will not permit, and is the root of the upward spiral insofar as I personally, esoterically feel it,and exoterically demonstrate it. This is a concept manifested in praxis and realized through praxis that separates ‘my kind’ from those of a more mundane sort.

Once morality is destroyed, one is either destroyed with it or is discovered beneath it.  Once one knows where ones own lines are, through crossing them, through facing them, morality becomes honour, the right hand becomes the left. It is then, and only then, that those honourbound can come together and begin to reverse the spiral downwards to something more organic. It is the realization of honour that spirals into justice, into meaningful community, meaningful personal bonds, into something real and solid.

5 responses to “Upward Spiral II – Honour.

  1. “Once morality is destroyed, one is either destroyed with it or is discovered beneath it.”

    Great choice of words indeed. Great post and I look forward to your take on Satanism today.

    Is organized Satanism in an upward spiral?


  2. Always a pleasure to read your stuff Mr. dread, whether I agree or not. This post sheds light on a topic I was going to bring up on the “sinister honor” -vs- “moral code” and you have answered it well. Although I see the line as tinsel thin the line is still there and recognizable.

    Well done and for what is is worth, it is an honor to know you.

  3. I haven’t experienced the same things or lived the same life as you, but I think know what you’re talking about. Events from almost a year ago completely changed the way I approach specific social dynamics in my life. There is no going back, nor would I wish to. I think you know what I’m talking about.

  4. Great piece Dan, initially I was going to present an argument against discrediting morality; however your stellar use of language in this piece, changed my mind by the end of it. You have effectively communicated your meaning with your meticulous use of words to convey it. I can certainly respect a spiral upwards using honor vs. morality. What I’d like to see is more demonstrations of it. I think its one thing to say you are like the devil, and its quite another to be of the devil.

    Recently you have demonstrated walking that talk.

    Go head with your bad-self Adversary 8!