The Three Little Pigs – Autodiabolic edition

There are far more than three piggies, piggies are legion. Piggies everywhere, doing their little piggy things in their little piggy ways, just like the other piggies.

Most piggies don’t build their own houses anymore, that sort of thing is passe to modern day piggies. Prefabricated piggy houses are given to each piggy, which they happily live in, in such a way that a pig does. Each piggy house is just as the next, and though not too roomy or well constructed, they serve the purpose of the piggy – to keep him from the big bad wolf.

Some piggies prefer more room in their piggy houses, or will have his little piggy house fall apart from the fierce and incessant blowing of the Big Bad Wolf. Being quite lazy or incapable as most piggies are, they make only a minimal effort to reconstruct their home, of straw because wood is much to hard for them to work with. These houses are not so bad, say these particular piggies, for there is much room to move around, and surely the wolf wont be back, or doesn’t exist at all.

Every now and then a piggy will lose his house to the wolf and come face to face with its grim visage of teeth and snarls.Those that manage to not be consumed when meeting the wolf do so though their own cunning, and will not often forget the wolf, or what it can do. These little piggies come to realize the reality of the situation, and set about building a house of bricks instead. The other piggies laugh, they mock, they give funny little piggy looks.

This rare piggy, having a knowledge of the wolf other piggies do not, continues unphased.

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