..to the home of ADM.  My name is Dan Dread, and I will be your host.  Since the early nineties I have qualified myself as a Satanist, yet I’ve never really vibed with any known brand of the stuff to claim it as my own. LaVey tapped something, but only really dipped his toe in the pool, the ONA presents much, and brilliantly, yet my direction is not their direction. So, in 2008 I set out to put my take on the matter ‘out there’ in cyberspace and wrote the first essay to be included in my ADM, ‘The Fire’. For me Satanism isn’t about atheism or theism, nor is it about ‘being your own god’. For me it is a very specific type of thing you can do aimed at a very specific result. For me it is inherently a very dark thing, and an extension of the thousands of years old ‘Left Hand Path’ in its most base form.

If you wish to contact me: autodiabolic@gmail.com